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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Andy Carter

Severed from the possible world

I have hope for the lemon, as mediator of contact, magic item, and mortal. I trust only that it removes itself, gradually, without harm or anger, for another.
I have seen the limit and it radiates a false yellow light.
I have doubled back. I have awoke in places that insist my body must have traveled why I was asleep.
I have bathed in amber light and my lungs fill with glue. I have been attached to machines that must be plugged in. I have taken your hand and invited you in. How an ordinary day.
I have come home every day. I have walked through the front door to find myself sleeping.
I have hey wife and I have where is my wife; I have no possessions.
I have doubted the quality of magic, a dollar and a pen in every pocket.
I have been frank with the outside. I have not been thanked for listening.
I have wondered aloud whether we can all be tragic.


At 5:25 AM, Blogger shannon said...

Andy Carter... where are you? I miss you.

Shannon in Manhattan


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