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Saturday, March 26, 2005

David Hess

Requiem on the Fly

I’m no coroner
of flies. Fly,
you’re dead.

I’m no friend
of flies. Fly,
I’ll find a ride
to your makeshift funeral.

I’m no euologist
of flies. Fly,
you were a good fly. You
touched many around you.

I’m no mortician
of flies. Fly,
I’ll hold a wake for you
with a pall of Kleenex
and a casket of hands.

I’m no shepherd
of flies. Fly,
it only takes one to love one
and to bury one.
I alone’ll lay you to rest.

I’m no chaplain
of flies, no mourner
of em, either. Fly,
may I perform for you
these last words:

Shoo, shoo, my friend.
Get into heaven
Any way you can.


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